Saturday, November 23, 2013

SingTheSong-7-Golden Era

Buying toys after bought shoes
(I) Wanna spent all my money buy a house
Sleep with someone after in love
(I) Wanna sleep in stranger's house

*We can't make sure who's the one we wanna love
or who we wanna date
Golden square, we seperate
Time square, where we meet again

^Who will come with you tonight
Someone better than me?
My heart tells you are the one that I should love one more time
You come back , You won't come back?
Whatever will happens
It's worth to find what is love together in our whole new life
(It's worth to find what is love untill at the end of our life)

Looking for fun after we fed,
(I) Wanna find any starlights in sunrise
Kissing you till I felt alone,
(I) Wanna kiss with characters in cartoon


The scene we meet again like a coffee house's film.
Count our ex-lovers. We are bored or lonely? Yeah Yeah Yeah


Monday, May 21, 2012

SingTheSong-6-Goodbye My Second Love


Walk steps silented in a sudden
Every cypress freezed in a sudden
All I need is a can of hot tea at the time
Whatever the tea taste alike is fine.

Record store was playing a foreign folk
The happiness has fulfilled my mood
Though feels unfamiliar, unlike think of you
Then it turned into sadness with our old times

*I am happy actually
Undiscovered only me
If I forgot my thirst
Back to days of my first
No matter where am I
I pretend you won't at my side
Finding joy in my travel, enjoy my dine!

Walked into alleys, rode on a tide
Felt the earth, left only with my heart beat
Meditation on you, I could get a shit
Keeping lust for our second life, my love!


I am not blue actually
Undiscovered only me
If I forgot my thirst
Back to days of my first
No matter where am I
I pretend you won't at my side
Finding joy in my travel, La Dolce Vita!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

SingTheSong-5-Love You Only In My Life

Loving you I know this feeling so well
you were you before I was I before
Even I dunno what I love you the most right now
Finding you, make you stay, by intuition

Indeed I really believe intuition of love
Skylines and capes have been found before
Carelessly find out the actor of my love
Love only you like a romantic song

Want you love me for your whole life
Want you only be mine
Hoping you and me walk through the long road

Let me love you long with permission
Believe my intuition
Please give your life's Happiness and entrust it to me
Always in your heart's loving me

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

SingTheSong-4-Hegemon-King On The Cliff(OP:崖上的霸王)

Taking this Shampoo Ad was not my will,
Because I thought I should not immediately make the deal.
I don't want the effects putting on my hairs.
Like my hair's waving, so dark with glare.

*Audience will come and scold me.
There's no such of hair , that must be fake!
After I know it's make from herbs.
Free of any chemicals, I wash for so long.

I feel so great after i used it.
I still use it in everyday!
I gave it to my mates, come along have a try!
Then I found the director and said "Now it's okay!"

No after-effects is on my hair.
I want every audience know what's on my head.
My hair's end up like this after I have used.
I promise when you use it will look the same!

* Repeat

Friday, November 14, 2008

SingTheSong-3-Loves You Forever


I don’t know why you treat me like this.
I just know no matter you do anything to me, I still love you.
May be you have never loved me, or you even hate me.
But….I still loves you forever.


Loves you forever, even loves you in the broken dreams.
Never could forgotten, I’m sorry.
Hate to think of you, Hate I’m still so painful.
Because love you, love you deeply.

*Maybe I’m giving all my love to you from now on.
No matter facing you, no matter leaving you.
Maybe I’m giving all my love to you in my life.
No matter you still await, no matter your heart doomed.
Loving You.


Maybe you’re the parts of my feelings and memories.
No matter you love me, no matter you love whom.
Maybe now I reserved my whole life for you.
No matter I’m in the pain, no matter I regrets.
Loving You.

Monday, October 1, 2007

SingTheSong-2-Silkworm Change

Alone on hill slope, it's not very high.
Destiny tease me, there's no way out.
Cloud move towards me, give me warning.
I look high step wide.

#I know this mountain, load of tigers.
No Dare's not hero, don't wanna stop!
Cold eyes face blood road! Lonely way I go!
Moon shade on mountains, lonely mood doubled!
(Moon shade on mountains, lonely mood doubled!)

^Throw love away, suffered a lot,
I knew it costs too high.
Vomit all silk, silkworm inside,
need to break the shell.


Whole life called hero, don't believe in fate.
Through difficult times, I proud of myself.
Clear my tears! Put on my anger!
Let me climb up peak, Compare height with sky!
(Let me climb up peak, Compare height with sky!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

SingTheSong-1-Crazy Tidal

Is him also you and me
We kiss, love and also divide
We meet in People Sea
Both have left own mark
How often joy and laugh
How many love and hate
That tidal roll up
glitter and brightness

Is bitter and also sweet
How to define likes and dislikes
We look for our own mark inside our heart
How often cry and sigh
How much real and fake
Let tidal up down
Mix with love and hate

Is him also you and me
No need to find in People Sea
We meet in People Sea
We guide each other
Throw selfish narrow-minded
And clear blocks and hate
Fight in Crazy tidal
No regrets in life

Is him also you and me
We through the years together